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As professional managers serving as our business foundation, Southport Technology, Inc. offers management, engineering, accounting and many other business solutions to our clients. Southport Technology's clients typically require guidance service and innovative technology products to strengthen and position their businesses for growth and expansion. Comprehensive analysis of current manufacturing and information technology resources, personal', methods and technology, allow for precise evaluation, enhanced technology recommendations, and management advice to improve overall operational performance.

Southport Technology was founded by clients seeking us out for professional manufacturing and business operations advice. As experienced managers and business leaders we have developed companies to deal with the many challenges of being manufacturers. Complete manufacturing systems including software, hardware and the expertise to integrate winning management strategies, business and operational protocols, training  and mentoring are all available.

Why Southport Technology? Simple, we understand and can convey the reasons for and the cures for manufacturing problems. Using a vast pool of experts in accounting, engineering, sales, operations, quality, production, shipping, marketing and more gives you the power to focus your business on what it does best.  
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