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  • Manufacturing Assessment and Solutions
  • Complete Manufacturing Enterprise Integration
  • Corporate Optimization and Enhancement
  • Business Communication
  • Computers - Servers - Systems
  • PASSPORT Business Solutions Enterprise Software
  • Corporate Organization and Planning
  • Engineering Services - Mechanical - Thermal - Hydraulic
  • Internet Website Design and Establishment

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Southport Technology Inc. are Management Consultants for Manufacturing Businesses. With well in excess of twenty five years of manufacturing and management experience to give clients accurate information and guidance.

As consultants offering business services to manufacturing firms, Southport Technology Inc. offers management consulting including organizational and departmental structuring, factory information integration and communication, factory organization, complete inventory solutions, management assessment and reviews, operational software and hardware systems, corporate direction and planning, sales, engineering, office training, website establishment and a wide array of engineering services.

Choose Southport Technology Inc. to help you help your business. Contact Southport Technology at         1-262-308-1444 for more information.
Management Consultants For Manufacturing Businesses.
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